It’s human nature to want things we don’t have. It’s also human nature to overlook and take for granted the things we already have. Are we to blame for our greed and ingratitude? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe we are just hardwired into being this way. Or maybe we are simply too self-centered and unwilling to accept the truth. Either way, we are all hungry creatures who can never be fully sated. You see, greed can bring us to places. The quality of never being fully satisfied with where we are and what we have allows us to push our limits and climb further up the ladder. It challenges us, and lets us challenge ourselves. And if we get knocked down, it gives us the strength to get back up. And eventually, one day, it will bring us to the place we most want to be.

However, greed can be overwhelming. The need to be the best we can be, the need to be on top, and the need to be better than everyone else can take a terrifying turn. Sometimes this drive can overpower us and get us to do whatever it takes to be where we want to be. We could end up sacrificing our values and morals all because of greed. We could take the wrong paths, make the wrong decisions, trust the wrong people, and stab those who trust us. We could lose everything that we once held dear. We could lose ourselves. And when we reach the top, there might be no one by our sides. And then it might hit us – that whatever we have gained is worth nothing compared to everything we have lost. And it just might be too late.



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